Herbs for Running

by Jerem on September 3, 2010

Herbs for Running are Great!

On Wednesday this week I ran 21.2 miles in the early morning.  I’m getting ready for a marathon coming up in just over a month and the really long training runs are upon me.  Needless to say, when I was finished I was a bit tired, and my legs were feeling it.

To add to it my right ankle had given me some problems around mile 10 with a couple sharp stabs of pain.  I walked for a few minutes and the pain disappeared and I was able to finish the run.  But I definitely don’t want any ankle problems this close to a marathon.

So I brought on the herbal heavy hitters for rebuilding muscle, tissue and bone: Comfrey and Complete Tissue and Bone Formula.  After getting home and cleaning up I took 8 capsule of Complete Tissue and Bone Formula with a cup of distilled water.  I took another 8 capsules in the evening before bed as well.

I also thoroughly rubbed my ankles, knees, calves, shins, and hamstrings with Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment.  That evening I rubbed them again with Comfrey Ointment before going to bed.

On Thursday my legs felt a bit sore but I was still able to easily go up and down stairs and even play soccer with my kids.  Running 21 miles in one stretch will make you sore no matter what you are taking.  But the soreness I experience now is nothing like it was before I discovered herbs, nor does it last as long.  Two days later, on Friday, my legs feel fine and I have a 4×1600 speed workout planned for tomorrow.

While I am in marathon training there is nothing better than Comfrey along with the Complete Tissue and Bone Formula, both the capsules to take internally, and the Ointment to rub on externally.  These herbs have been total game changers for me.  I use them regularly during training and I rarely suffer the repetitive use injuries that are common with runners.  And when I do get the rare shin splint or ankle twinge I increase the herbs and the problem is usually gone within a day or two.

Before I really started learning from the School of Natural Healing these kinds of repetitive use injuries were fairly common for me.  In 2003 they ended the running season early for me and I had to skip the St. George Marathon because of them.  Since I’ve been learning and applying the information I’ve gained from the School of Natural Healing my running has become dramatically better.

If you have a favorite herb that has helped you in any athletic endeavor please leave your comments below.


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