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by Jerem on January 12, 2013

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Just do a search online for natural health cures and you will quickly see an overwhelming amount of information.  It seems as if there is someone promoting a natural health cure for just about every illness, ache, pain, or disease you can think of.  And for every one of them there is someone else loudly claiming that such natural health cures are bunk and that they don’t work.

So are there really natural health cures, and do they really work?

Think for just a moment with your common sense brain.  How long has the pharmaceutical industry as we know it today been around?  The answer is about 50 to 75 years.  Did people get sick before that?  What did they do?  How did they treat themselves?

How long have herbs and plants been growing on the earth?  The answer is since pretty much the very beginning.  How long have people been using these plants and herbs to heal themselves?  Again, since the beginning.  What is the root source for the active chemical constituents of most pharmaceutical drugs?  These same plants and herbs.

Modern medicine has brought enormous blessings into our lives.  But for all of the wonderful benefits, one unfortunate thing that has happened is that as a society people have stopped taking responsibility for their own health and have completely turned it over to others.  In the USA and other countries the debate rages about whether government can and should provide complete health care for everyone.  My personal opinion is that they can’t, it’s just too big and complex to centralize. Nor should they, health care is a very personal responsibility.

The purpose of this post is simply to state that there are many options in health care and that education and responsibility will allow you to take complete control over your own and your family’s health care.  Knowledge lets you make the best decisions for yourself.

Yes there are natural health cures for most illnesses and diseases.  Yes they do work.  But if you don’t know about them or how to use them they don’t do much good for you.  Yes there are also great treatments and remedies within conventional medicine for many illnesses and diseases.  Yes, for the most part, they also do work.  But if you don’t know
what your doctor is doing and why, they also don’t do much good for you.

Having a good education about health allows you the freedom to decide for yourself what is best.  You may decide to treat an illness at home using herbs you grew in your garden or other natural health cures you have learned.  You may decide that using a doctor and conventional medicine is the right path for you.  With education and knowledge you have that choice.  Without it, you are unfortunately like most people, and have to blindly rely on whatever conventional medicine tells you to do.

So get educated.  And the best education on natural health that I know is The School of Natural Healing.

Go learn, and be healthy.

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