Beautiful Nutritious Carrots

by Jerem on August 21, 2013

Everyone is familiar with the carrot. It has been in wide cultivation around the world for a very long time. Records that mention the carrot have been found from ancient Greece dating back to 500 B.C. It appears to have originated nearly 5,000 years in what became ancient Persia (now Iran and Afghanistan).

Natural CuresOver the centuries, through trade and travel, carrots reached Arabia, Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America. There are many different varieties of carrots in a wide array of colors including purple, black, white, red and of course orange. Carrots can grow from 2 inches to as long as 3 feet with a diameter between a half inch to more than 2 inches.

Carrots are a very hardy vegetable as well as being nutritious and delicious. Since carrots are common, many do not realize just how much nutrition benefit there is in this plant.

Carrot is a perfect alkalizer and it has plenty of vitamin A that helps eyes and vision. Carrots are an excellent source of vitamins C, D, E, K, H (biotin), B1, and B6. They also contain minerals such as, potassium, calcium, organic sodium, phosphorus and magnesium. Carrots have phytonutrients that helps heal diseases.

Carrots are high in natural sugar. But they are also a good sugar regulator because carrots contain carotenoid that helps regulate blood sugar. The natural sugars in carrots are easily absorbed by the body.

A poultice made from grated carrots is very useful when applied to abscesses, cancerous sores, cuts scrapes and other external wounds.

A glass of carrot juice is one of the healthiest drinks on earth. Carrots have cleansing properties that helps detoxify the liver. It is very effective in clearing up acne caused by toxins in blood. Carrots are great for Anemia because they help the body produce more blood cells. Carrot juice has also been found to be very helpful in fighting many types of cancer.

The anti-oxidants in carrots help in protecting the respiratory system from infection and free radical attack especially when a person has asthma. Even for nursing mothers carrot juice helps produce exceptional quality breast milk for babies. Carrots are also high in vitamin c and other nutrients that nourish skin and prevent dryness.

And of course carrots taste great and are used in a huge variety of recipes. Carrots can be sliced thinly and added to vegetable salads. Grated carrots are used for delicious carrot cakes. Boiled carrots can be diced in small squares and mixed with potatoes and macaroni. In Southeast Asia, carrot is added to relish recipes and in noodles. There are many recipes and carrots can be consumed in many ways. The good thing is no matter how it is taken it does not reduce the benefits that we get from carrots.

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