I haven’t always been interested in herbs and natural healing.  It has been only recently that I have really taken an interest and begun to try to learn it for myself.

I was raised like most people are.  I drank a lot of milk growing up because it was “good for me.”  If I got sick my parents took me to the doctor.  I took medications for whatever ailed me.  Just the usual stuff we do in our culture.  Luckily I have been blessed with good health most of my life so I have not had to use the medical system very extensively.

I did, however, go through a time during my teenage years where I was quite accident prone.  I’ve had more stitches than I can count, for things like wrecking on my bike, slipping while carving a piece of plastic with a razor blade, a run into the corner while fighting with my brother, a back-flip off a diving board that I didn’t land quite right, a toe being run over by the lawn mower, and a few others in addition to that.  Luckily my dad is a veterinarian so many of those stitches were done at home by him.  So I have had quite the experience with first aid for cuts and injuries.

When I got married I was introduced to a whole different philosophy on health, nutrition, first aid, and healing.  My wife is Dr. Christopher’s granddaughter.  Dr. Christopher was the country’s foremost herbalist during his time and probably single handedly started the herbal and natural health revolution we’ve seen in the last ten years.  He was an amazing natural healer.

While I thought that was pretty cool, I never really bothered to learn much for myself.  I let her do her thing and just went along with whatever she wanted.  After all, she had spent way more time studying and researching things than I had.  So even though it was way different than anything I had been brought up with, I figured she knew more than I did so I just followed her lead.

Not until just recently did that change.  One incident that really got my attention was when I got blisters really badly on both feet from a new pair of running shoes.  I run marathons and had never had blisters like this before.  But this particular pair of shoes put blisters the size of half dollars on the balls of both feet during the Logan marathon.  They were well broken in and I had not had any problems with them, but for some reason on that day, on that course, they hated my feet.

My feet hurt really bad.  I had trouble walking.  When we got home my wife went to our garden and picked some leaves off a plant that I thought was just a weed.  I wondered why we hadn’t pulled it out yet.  She crushed the leaves and put them strait on the blisters and put band-aids over them to hold the leaves on.  She told me to put fresh leaves on twice a day and to just keep them there until the blisters were gone.  Great, I thought, I’m going to have these stupid leaves on my feet for weeks.

Turns out the plant was comfrey.  And it turns out that comfrey is an amazing herb for healing flesh, bone, cartilage, and tissue in the body.  The blisters stopped hurting that night and they were gone in two days.  Wow.  There actually was something to this crazy stuff my wife was doing all the time.

More recently I had the great opportunity to work a little more closely with my father-in-law, David Christopher, in his business and learn more about what they do at the School of Natural Healing and what they actually teach there.  I realized that my wife was definitely on to something.  So after 8 years of marriage, I finally really got on the bandwagon and decided I should learn some of this myself.

This blog is to chronicle the journey as I learn and go through the courses.  There is an enormous amount to learn about herbs and natural healing.  It never ceases to amaze me how much the Lord has put on this earth for the specific purpose of healing and caring for our bodies.  It’s all there.

So welcome to my blog.  Please share your own insights and experiences with natural healing.  The more information we share, the wealthier we all become.


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Emilia June 12, 2012 at 6:28 pm

Hi there~
I’m interested in your experiences w/ The School of Natural Healing. Based on your entry above, it sounds as though you may have started out as many people would…a bit skeptical?
I’ve actually been exposed to the belief of natural healing most of my life (thanks to my mom), but have only [finally] begun to WANT to learn more and make it part of my daily life.
Long story short, it’s difficult to discern between all the website for schools that offer natural healing, especially online/distance education. I’m attempting to investigate reviews, but personal experiences are very helpful…with the hope that they are based purely by the experience of the learning. (For financial purposes, I’m looking into the correspondence option.)

Any information you can offer is most appreciated!
Many thanks,

Jerem June 15, 2012 at 12:08 pm


Yes, it did take me a bit to come around. I was never too skeptical about natural healing (I saw some of the things my wife did and saw that it worked well, so I never doubted it much). But it was more that I just simply didn’t take much of an active interest for a long time.

As far as the School of Natural Healing goes, it is top notch. The information you get is incredible, the format is easy to work through, and if you ever need help the Master Herbalists working over at the school are great. I wrote up a review based on my experience that spells it out a lot more. Check it out at: http://www.schoolofnaturalhealingreview.com

I know there are other good schools out there, but from what I’ve seen your best bet is at the School of Natural Healing.

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